Branding - Philosophy

Great work is never achieved by only one but, in the best case, by professionals who cooperate as partners in a powerful network. Over the years of my career I cooperated with many top performers on all levels of communication.

With the best I set up an experienced network of specialists with finest references – from web design & content development to social media marketing and search engine optimization – all being integrated into a full-service portfolio for most effective brand communication.

Any service can be assembled in modules according to our client’s requirements guaranteeing flexibility and maximum cost-efficient output.

Career Stages

  • Studies Fine Arts/ Graphic Arts, UCLA, Los Angeles.
  • Ad writer in various advertising agencies in Munich.
  • Creative Director at Images Advertising agency, later CEO.
  • Creative Director at French BDDP Group Network, in Düsseldorf and Amsterdam.
  • Creative Director at Enders, Krakow, Radziminsky in Frankfurt.
  • Brand consulting for Colossal Tours, Hotels and Resorts, in Venezuela.
  • Scriptwriter and director at TC-Group, Ludwigsburg.
  • CEO at Exponent3 Media Production.
  • Since 2009 Consultant Brand Strategy for SME (client list see below)

Awards and Honors

  • For the Images Advertising Agency: ADC, category “self-presentation”.
  • At the TC-Group: Metallgesellschaft „Imagefilm Percy Hoven“.

With the Exponent3 Media Production:

  • Aventis, „Inner Space“.
  • General Electric K 2001 „Sphere“, mixed media installation.
  • Honda, „P3 First man then machine“.
  • World Savings Banks, „Window to the world“.
  • Expo medial installation Deutsche Bahn.
  • Event Conception Merck, Sharp & Dome, „Customer Orientation 2008“.
  • Merck, Sharp und Dome, Event-Film Conception „Indianer Jones – Wage den Schritt“.


  • Brand Building and Brand Evolution
  • Brand Communication and CI
  • Brand Implementation (training/seminars): creating of Brand Understanding & Brand Enthusiasm, Behavioural Branding/Corporate Behaviour
  • Development of Image- and Sales Campaigns.
  • Concept, App and Web Design
  • Development of digital campaigns
  • Online- & Social Media Marketing
  • Performance Marketing
  • Development of medial production for fairs and events
  • Development of corporate- and image films, spots and videos.


Marketing Manager, Schneider Weisse G. Schneider & Sohn GmbH

It is exceptional what Tom brings in as a working partner and human being containing experience, depth, energy and quality, much more than what you usually get in the agency and creative business. Working with him is positive, forward-facing and heart-refreshing, both professionally and personally. With his services he has not only helped increase sales but also moved and activated our peer and target groups. Never before I have experienced anything like this as feedback in business. The courage for new ways with Tom has proven worth it, thanks for all!


Tom Fritze for EAUpium Hard Seltzer – brand strategy, naming, logo & product design, corporate look, website (currently in progress), online campaign, social content, spots: a new alcoholic mineral water will be launched in its extraordinary element in 2022, “ inspired by water” – contemporary and fresh, with a concise key visual and a modern bohemian look.

Tom Fritze together with Marc Phillip for DRW, Cambridge University – brand look, web design, online and sales activities: a purely scientific appearance became a modern, high-quality presentation that perfectly combines high-tech and entrepreneurial size.

Tom Fritze together with Marc Phillip for the BVL, Federal Association for Dyslexia and Dyscalculia – brand and communication strategy, web design, films and sales promotions, direct marketing, content development and SEO: an association shows size, but also proximity to people; cross-media, with a Germany-wide TV spot campaign spanning several years.

Tom Fritze for Schneider Bräu – brand rejuvenation, new corporate identity, website, online & offline campaign, event, VKF: a traditional brand presents itself away from the usual wheat beer worlds and Bavarian conviviality – with „sharp“ wit and memorable one-word core messages.